Creative Small-batch food enhancers for the everyday meal along with snacks for either entertaining or when you just need a snack!

About Us



Jill Richardson – Chief Culinary Officer, Sleepy Hollow Smoke

For over 40 years Jill has been passionate about food after watching her mother cook. It is her refined palate and expertise working with spices, herbs, and other ingredients along with Tim’s enthusiasm for smoking and grilling that bring Sleepy Hollow Smoke products to fruition. After creating a variety of products and serving or gifting them to friends, both she and Tim were urged to begin selling their products which led to the launch of Sleepy Hollow Smoke. Jill and Tim now sell their products online as well as compete in local BBQ events.




Tim Landerville – Pit/Grill Master, Sleepy Hollow Smoke

Tim has been involved with BBQ for the last 12 years. He was bitten by the bug after he and Jill watched BBQ and grilling shows on television. He purchased his first smoker with Jill’s help, offering her equipment recommendations. Tim’s engineering background and attention to detail has allowed him to perfect his smoking technique. He is thrilled to be able to offer Sleepy Hollow Smoke products to home cooks and chefs, and he still enjoys competing in local BBQ events. Tim is a member of the National BBQ Association and the California BBQ Association and he is a Pit Master in the Pit Master Club of