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Caribbean Island Spice Chicken Sando

Caribbean Chicken Sando


Serves: 4        Prep time: 10 min           Cook time: 30 min           Total time: 40 min


1 boneless skinless chicken breast

2 slices fresh pineapple

2 tbsp olive oil separated

Leaf lettuce

Sliced tomato

1 ½ tbsp Caribbean Island Spice

½ tsp brown sugar

2 sandwich buns


For the dressing:

3 tbsp plain Greek yoghurt

¼ cucumber cut into small dice

1 clove chopped garlic



Make the dressing by mixing yoghurt with cucumber and garlic, set aside.

Place the chicken breasts in zip top bag and pound to an even thickness. Brush the pineapple and chicken breast with oil and season chicken on both sides. Combine the Caribbean Island Spice with the brown sugar and season the chicken on both sides.

Heat a pan to medium (grill pan if you have it) and brown the pineapple on both sides, about 5 min per side. Set aside, cook chicken until cooked through but still juicy. Let chicken rest while you lightly toast the buns. Cut the chicken into 2 portions.

Place pineapple on the bottom bun, top with chicken, tomato, lettuce and dressing.